Working Groups

There are several different working groups that members have established to help drive the work of the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative.

Best Practices Committee

This working group focuses on sharing and developing toolkits related to teaching kitchen facilities, strategies and frameworks and, ideally, a shared perspective as to what elements are—or are not—essential for the implementation of a successful teaching kitchen program across a range of trainee populations. Initial action items include characterizing types of facilities, equipment, and personnel across sites, as well as operational logistics (i.e. types of classes, audiences, and payment models).

Research Working Group

This working group focuses on research opportunities for teaching kitchen programs. Initial action items are to gain consensus on behaviors and outcomes to be changed and tracked over time; to collect assessment tools and outcomes to be systematically tracked, and to develop a shared bibliography and methods to promote new research, and to explore opportunities for shared, multi-site research projects among TKC members. A current priority is the design of the TKC’s first multi-site demonstration project intended to assess the impact of a co-created TKC Curriculum on adults across multiple TKC member sites.

Chefs Advisory Committee

This working group focuses on the creation of a recipe database for all members of the collaborative.

RD Subgroup

This working group is comprised of a subset of TKC members who are registered dietitians. Their current focus is on bringing the concept of teaching kitchens to other dietitians to use as part of their nutrition education models.