Become a Supporter

The TKC invites a limited number of foundations, associations, and companies to participate in supporting the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC). Prospective sponsors will be evaluated on the basis of how closely their work, business, philanthropic goals and/or product mix are aligned with the goals and aspirations of the TKC.

Sponsorship support, in addition to required membership dues and funds committed by foundations and member-grantors, will be used to offset TKC administrative costs including annual in-person meetings and resource development initiatives. All sponsors and grantors will be asked to sign a form acknowledging they understand that collaborative financial supporters are not permitted to influence the editorial independence, research design, or outcomes of the TKC, and further that all financial support is for the unrestricted use of the Collaborative to conduct its operations, research projects, and outreach.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Theresa Schmall ( at the Windward Fund.